Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Saul Food Part 2

We awoke that first morning with birdsong all around us! Last night we were unable to see the view from our bungalow and I was unsure if it was called Gorge View because you look down a gorge or Gorge View as in Gorgeous View. That morning I new instantly that it could mean eiter!
We had a lovely breakfast of bacon and eggs. We hopped into the car and headed for the Heads. The Heads are two great sandstone cliffs guarding the mouth of the lagoon which connects the estuary with the sea. A lookout has been erected on the Eastern Head, commanding spectacular views of the lagoon, Leisure Isle and Knysna. The Western Head is a privately owned nature Reserve - Featherbed Bay.

The water surrounding the Heads are very trecherous and through the years it has gained a reputation of the most trecherous harbour mouth in South Africa. Incidentally, the Knysna Heads are only one of two places in the world where vessels won't by insured by Lloyds shipping agents.
The views, though are spectacular and we could not get enough of it. We hopped from viewing platform to viewing platform clicking away at our cameras. Thank goodness for digital!

The easten head viewing platform truely is a gem. The walkways are beautifully tended and covered in shade. Every view is better than the one before and you almost find yourself jogging from one to the other in your rush to see what's next. :)

More views of the Heads...

Everywhere along the route we saw the most delicate spring flowers. Bees and butterflies were doing there thing pollinating like crazy. I could not help myself and just had to stop every few steps to take a couple of close up flower pictures. :)

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