Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Saul Food Part3

The lower 'walk' along the eastern head provides a slightly different view point of the area. Closer to the water te ocean smells are pungent and the soft sea spray tickles your cheak everytime a wave brakes over the the nearby rocks.

In the distance we spot a 'lighthouse'. The problem with passing your ship through the Heads are that you only have about a 60m wide channel. Closer to shore sharp reefs will rip your hull to shreads should you venture outside of the recommended path.

The once again well maintained path hugs the coast.

On the far-side we could see people walking on the Western Head. We debated on how exactly we will get there. We tried to drive there, but we could find no roads. Later I asked some of the locals and the only way to reach Featherbed Nature Reserve ( A private reserve covering the whole of the Western Head) is by Ferry Boat. We could however take some pictures from our side... :)

During our next visit we will definatelly board that ferry and explore the wonders the Werstern Head has to offer.  Our route on the Eastern Head was pretty spectacular too. We found a nice bench to relax for a moment and enjoyed the view.

Around the next corner we came to a fork in the road... we could either crawl through the cave and get our sunday bests soiled; or we could creap around the boulders close to shore and end up wet!


The power of the ocean is awe-inspiring!

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