Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Three times the view

At the northern end of the mighty Drakensberg Range, and standing sentry at one end of the Blyde River Canyon is the most famous - and photographed - attraction in the region, the Three Rondavels.

The harder rock layers on top eroded slower than the underlying softer layers of stone, which resulted in rock formations which resemble African rondavels.
A rondavel (from the Afrikaans word 'rondawel') is a westernised version of the African-style hut.
The rondavel is usually round or oval in shape and is traditionally made with materials that can be locally found in raw form.

The views here is spectacular and small circular walk takes you to all the best spots allowing you to get a good look at not only the rondawels but also the countryside as a whole.

As we got back into the car and headed towards our accommodation for the night we could not help smiling. This truly is the Garden of Eden;  the cradle of man kind.