Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hiking Boomslang Cave Part 3.

We carfully navigated our way through the dark chambers. Miraculously we only almost got lost once. The discussion that followed took place in a lofty passage. I got the dreaded book from my backpack and started quoting from its pages. Mid way through passage one we heard a high pitched squel... B-A-T-S!

10 seconds later I was exiting the cave. :)

Suddenly the landscape changed. It looked like we were on a different mountain! My navigation skills isn't that great to begin with and passing through a mountain emmerging out the other side completely confused my built in GPS. No one could argue with the views, they were magnificent.

To the left we saw the beautifull village of Fish-hoek. Fish Hoek appears on the earliest maps of the Cape. The arrival of European settlers in 1652 forced the indigenous population to leave the area, and during the 1700s farmers appeared in the Noordhoek area. Fish Hoek beach was used on an informal basis for whaling and fishing, but it was not until 1918 that it was laid out as a township
To the right kommetjie...The village is situated around a small, natural and rocky inlet that resembles a basin. There is some evidence that this basin was used as a fish trap by prehistoric peoples. The area between Fishhoek and Kommetjie is for the lack of a better word flat. If the water level should rize even 1 meter this area will be completely flooded!

This was an excellent place to enjoy lunch. Surrounded by the most beautifull view, the sun warming our faces.
After lunch we had only a short climb and we were on top of the mountain. Once again the scenery changed. This scener reminded me so much of the Never ending story. I immagined the Rock Monster from The Neverendingstory to rear his head and start munching on the scattered rocks.

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