Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hiking Boomslang Cave Part 2

After a wonderfull refreshing braek, we lifted our backpacks and deliberated and discussed what direction we were to take. We finally decided to head straight upwards on the road less travelled. We bushwacked our way through protea buch and scurried over rocks and boulders of various sizes.

The genus Protea was named in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his form at will, because proteas have such a wide variety of forms.

Finally we reached a dead end... Mmmm
Me:   "But the book says...!"
SO:   "I don't care what the book says;  I don't see a path, do you?
Isobel:  "Mmm"

We promptly decided to turn back and follow the other path. This would lead us to the 'exit' part of Boomslang Cave. So we would enter at the exit and exit at the entrance, who cares. We were having fun.

We soon arrived at the Exit/Entrance to the cave. We donned our head lights and had a quick snack.
Above you can see the entrance/exit to Boomslang Cave. Below you can see a picture of the real tree-snake. (Boomslang is an afrikaans word but the snake is also called Boomslang in English) Below is a picture of the real thing.

A boomslang (Dispholidus typus) is a relatively small, venomous colubrid snake native to sub-Saharan Africa.[1] It is currently the only species in its genus.

Ok, so the first part of the cave is tight, very tight. you have to leopard crawl for about 20m. SO took a quick look around was rewarded with a bloody knee by a bloody rock. ;)

All to soon we flopped down on our tummies and poked our heads through the entrance. My stummoch gave a sudden turn and my brain turned a cognative gear to warn me that this might be a mistake. Well... no turning back now. It was very dark and we had no idea where we were going. My guide book describes this from the oposite side of the mountain. We were doing everything in reverse. (not a first for us :) ) 10m in there was a slight squiel from Isobel behind me...

Me:  'Are you alright?'
Isobel:  'I am fine now...'
Me:  'What happened?'
Isobel:  'Hmm, I forgot to take my sunglasses off. Blond moment, sorry :)'

Once we passed the first 20m the whole cave opened up into beautifull 'rooms' for the lack of a better word.

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