Friday, 16 January 2015

Storms River

Well, I am back to blogging after a very extended maternity break. :) We visited Sorms River Mouth during our annual holiday and took a leisurely stroll to the suspension bridge. This is not a hike. It is only one kilometer to the suspension bridge and another kilometer back. The entire walk is in the shade and footpath/walkway is constructed of reclaimed plastic.

That being said the area is beautiful. The power of the ocean can be heard and felt in every step you take and the natural indigenous vegetation provide a beautiful canopy of shade to walk under.

We have to stick to the shorter hikes for a while as we now have a hiking buddy with short legs who tend to get tired rather quickly and is not so good with the steps.
The suspension bridges are amazing and surprisingly sturdy.  They offer canoe rides on the river as well as boat trips.

On the way back we were treated to some local wildlife. :)