Wednesday, 23 May 2012


When travelling through the Kruger park you will eventually run into a roadblock. Some roadblocks are lots of fun, some are exciting, some can be very sad and then there are always some that are a little bit dangerous.

Today I would like to share a few of our roadblocks with you.

There are 23 000 zebra in the park and they always seem to be well fed. I have never seen a zebra with a bony ass. No wonder lions love chomping down on those juicy buns. :)

This Giraffe actually came running from behind passed our car and kept on running down the middle of the road. I kept on waiting for whatever was chasing it to appear through the bush, but no such luck.

Zebra and Giraffes are nice and it is always good to see them up close but some road blocks are extra special.  Sometimes in the early morning when you manage to be one of the first cars out of the gate you might just find a lion or two soaking up the latent heat from the tarmac.

Elephants are always trouble when you meet them on the road. The most dangerous elephants are the big males in must. We once had a big old bull chase us down the road for almost a kilometre. He just kept walking towards the car until eventually he got bored of the game and disappeared into the bush.

Sometimes I wish the roadblock lasts for ever. Especially when one of my favourite animals are involved.

Then of course there are the sad ones. When animals and cars meet there will always be death and even the Kruger has its fare share of roadkill.

Baboons love the road and if you are not careful they will open the door and join the children on the back seat. :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Moholoholo means "The Very Great One" and this is indeed a fact! During our December holiday we had the privilege to spend one night in Moholoholo. More specifically in one of their Mountain View Chalets. I can definitely recommend this to each and every one.

We arrived late at the gate but was greeted and given directions to our cottage by a very friendly employee.

The chalets are surrounded by bushveld and there are various animals about. On the way to our bungalow we saw rhino and njala but the area is also home to the od leopard and a couple of hippo's. (all rehabilitated at the centre).  Our bungalow was also very comfortable.

After a very quick trip to Hoedspruit to stock up on supplies we soon started a fire and enjoyed the sights and smells of the bush.

The following morning we were up early and enjoyed a wonderfully prepared breakfast. After breakfast we headed for Moholoholo's Rehabilitation Centre. (About 15km away)

The Rehab Centre offers a home for many of South Africa’s abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife and is a great contributor to wildlife education in our country.

Wherever possible, rehabilitated birds and animals are returned to the wild and those who are not so fortunate due to the nature and extent of their problems are used for educational talks to the many people who visit us each year both from across South Africa and abroad. Interaction between our animals and visitors to Moholoholo is permitted under controlled conditions.

I must say that a visit to the Rehabilitation Centre is an absolute must! The entrance fee was only R100 and we got to spend a good 2 hours in the company of some of our favourite animals with a very informative guide.

The highlight of my visit was being able to touch a baby black Rhino! A dream come true...

Stiaan's highlight was watching the antics of Sarel the resident Honey Badger and escape artist.

We also saw many other creatures...
This eagle has only only one wing because it flew into some power cables. He will never fly again and is a permanent resident at the centre.

These vultures are recovering after being poisoned and will soon be released. :)

We also got to meet some animal ambassadors, like this cheetah....

and leopard.

And of course what would a visit to Africa be without a lion!

We both agreed that Moholoholo is a definite must see and we WILL return. Sooner rather than later.