Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Scorched Earth

We really enjoyed the palmet river hike a lot. That is why, the very next weeken, we planned to revisit the area. Armed with picknic baskets and swimming parafanalia.

On the way to Kogelberg we stopped to enjoy the view. We were in high spirits. :)

When we arrived we were shocked with what we found... During the past week a fire spread through the area. This particular fire aparently deliberatelly started!
There was absolutely nothing left of the beautifull landscape that greeted us just one week ago!

Absolutelly nothing was spared. The water in the streams evaporated from the devastating heat.

The bushes, treas and srubs were now devoid of all and any greenery!

In the distance we could see the fire still smouldering high up in the mountain.

How sad that some selfish fool could single handedly destroy so many plants and animals. Our only consolation was thet most of the fynbos need the heat of a fire to germanate their seeds and that they will grow back, stronger and more beautifull than before.

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