Monday, 19 September 2011

DeMond Part 2

This hike has two parts. Or it seemed that way to me. We started in a area with quite a lot of plant life. Bushes, srubs and small delicate flowers as you can see from part one. :)

The second part of the hike is done on the beach. Just before we hit the sand 'Captain America' (a.k.a - ME) posed for a quick picture...
The beach was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I know this area well, but I am always in awe of this, the largest natural beach in Africa! This particular morning the beach was completely deserted! Perfect, undesturbed sand scarred by not a single footprint. I felt almost guilty to disturb the soft surface of the sand.

Those of you who have read some of my other beach blogs will know that I find sand and sand-art quite facinating. Look at what 'art' the beach had to offer on this occation.

We wondered down the deserted beach, marvelling at the beautifull day and how this was most definatelly a... 'for everything else there is visa' moment. :)  We kicked off our shoes and ran like Childred into the shallow water and up the deserted dunes.
The ocean here is not to be underestemated and is renound for the shiprecks littering its coast. A quick look at the angry waves soon told us why.

We found a lot of light bulbs on the beach. At first we thought that a ship carrying them must have gotten into trouble during the storm. I asked my father about this and he told me that during the night they fish for octopus close to shore and they use a lot of light to do so. When one of the bulb fails they simply chuck it overboard and fit a new one!!! How stupid, selfish and short sighted the human race is!

Soon we reached the mouth of the river once more...

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