Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hunting Leopards with Harold Part 2

We were venturing ever deeper into the gorge. We were surrounded by beautifully shaped trees and babbeling brooks. :)
When we reached the end of the road we were greeted with a serene pool patiently accepting water from the tumbeling waterfall.

We stayed here for a while soeaking up the peace. Enjoying the quiet tranquility. We listened to the birds high up in the trees.

This is the perfect spot to relax on a Sunday afternoon. There were lots of other people with the same idea, so we decided to move on.

We turned around a started hiking back. Half way down the road, instead of turning left back towards Harold Porter you can turn right and explore more of the mountain... We turned right.

The vegitation is typical beach-fynbos. During the end of summer, the driest time of year for us Capetonians, most of the flowering plants are bare of color, but every now and again you come across something special.
We walked up the hill and then back down again and rejoined the another path. This part of the hike is suitable for wheelchairs and they went to a lot of trouble to make it easy and accessible.

Ad the end of this path is another beautiful waterfall with a viewing deck and some benches. We grabbed this opertunity go have some lunch.

After lunch we headed back to Harold porter to grab a beer at the restaurant. On the way we came across this amazing Golden Orb Spider.
At home I have a Garden Orb spider named Sarel. These spiders are known for ther intricate and elaborate webs. Some of them spin a web every day. The strands of the Golden Orb spider-web is tinged in gold. Hence the name. Below I will include a picture of "Sarel"  Orb spiders are not poisonous so if you come across one in your garden leave them be. They are amazing creatures and wonderful to watch.

We were greeted with a final view of the ocean before we re-enterd the garden and civilization. This is the perfect place for Sunday luch, a picnic with the children or a leasurely stroll to admire Cape Towns rich and diverse plant life. Definatelly worth a visit!

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