Wednesday, 2 November 2011

River Romp

Day 3 in beautifull knysna dawned and once again we were treated by the most beautifull birdsong. After Breakfast we prepared for the day's hike. :)

We dicided to do the river walk recommended by our very kind hosts here at Teniqua.

The hike is only about 4km long. The route is clearly marked and very easy.
The hike starts with a steap downhill towards the river. The ground under feet was soft with recent rain and I was quite happy to make use of the guide-rope on some of the steeper sections along the way.

We once again saw lots of mushrooms. I tried not to photograph them all. :)

All the way we heard birds chirping, flapping and calling. We looked up... We looked forward and back...  We looker right and left... BUT we could see not a single one!!
F R U S T R A T I O N ! !

We reached the river and took a moment to take in the view. After a brief rest we started looking for a good place to cross. 
Let me just say that I have never been any good at crossing rivers. My legs are to short, my feet to small and many, many falls have lead to my confidence being non-existant.  This particular river was no exception. I landed bum first in the water! Then my bum was lower than my feet so getting up from my watery thrown turned out to be quite a struggle! Eventually I crawled from the ancle deep water drenched to the waist!

S, bless his saul took all of this in with a very straight face!

Lucky for me the sun was out and my lightweight pants (exprerience has taught me a lot) took no time at all in drying out.

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