Tuesday, 8 November 2011

River Romp Part 2

The river, although relatively cold was very beautifull.
The hike continues to follow the river. I can gladly report that we had no further incident during this stretch of the hike. :)
We saw a lot of footprints in the sand, most of it belonging to birds and baboons.

A variaty of flowers also adorn the banks of the river.

Soon the trail turns upwards again through the thick indegenous forest. The ground is soft and although the going is easy we had to revert to 4x4 mode during some of the steeper sections.
Clear sign-posts mark the direction of the lookout point. Well worth the short detour. From here you can see how far we have come in only a short while. The bush is so dense that you quickly loose your bearings. You can not see how far you have come nor can you see how far you still need to travel.
A cloustrophobic idea indeed. :)

There are many great things to behold in this forest, but also very many small and wonderfull sightings to be had.

I will leave you then with just 2 more pictures of this memorable trail....

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