Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Circles in the Forest part 3

Dalene Matthee says in her books that this forest is a living entity. It can be a cruel and unforgiving place but it can also be loving, caring and kind.

As you moove deaper and deaper into the shadowy depths you get the distinct feeling that you are being watched, followed even. The forest surrounding you exponentially expands. It feels like you are shrinking with every passing step. Eventually you feel like you have reached Tom Thumb like proportions.

We was many great things. Trees as old as time. We also saw many small things. Fragile and delicate.
The route is clearly marked from start to finish. The new markers say Circles in the Forest, the old ones proclaim Woodcutters Trail.
The trail lead us all the wat to the river. We crossed the cristal clear water and explored a large pool up stream. Unfortunatelly we did not bring stuff to swim in but next time we will most definatelly take a dip in the surely ice cold stream.

All to soon the path started turning and merged once more with the access road. :(

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