Sunday, 11 March 2012

Where Angels Tread

Today is a big day with a lot of sightseeing on our itinerary. From Pilgrim's Rest we headed back up the mountain towards Graskop.

Our first stop was The Pinnacle. An impressive finger rock in the centre of a deep ravine complete with waterfall. (Yes another one!)  On this particular day the fog was pretty dense which made for an ominous looking Pinnacle.

On a clear day the view is quite different...

There are various lookout points allowing you to see the 'big rock' from different angles. A short hike will take you around to the opposite cliff face for a nice view of the before mentioned waterfall.

Before we could reach the other side though we had to cross the small river. Careful now, you do not want to slip and and tumble over the edge...

The next stop along our route is known as God's Window. From the parking area it is a short but steep hike to 'The Garden of Eden'. Once you pass through the 'Garden' the vegetation opens up offering you a spectacular view of the Canyon.

Luckily for the not so fit there are many other vantage points along the way...

All of the pictures above was taken by me on previous visits. On this day when Stiaan and I visited all we could see was this...

At least we managed to see a 'Love Leaf" :)

Next stop Burke's Luck!

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