Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bourke's Luck

As we were driving along the Panorama route I could not help feeling pride in being a South African. We are so blessed to be living in such a diverse and beautifull country. We need to protect what is ours. Keep our rivers free of pollution, protect our indegenous flora against foreign murderous plants and protect our wildlife and especially rhino's against evil poachers!
Bourke's Luck Potholes, were named after prospector Tom Bourke who discovered alluvial gold in the area during the late 1880's Their formation is a natural phenomenon created by the swirling river water.

Located approximately 35 km north of the town of Graskop, the site has grown in popularity as one of the province's best tourist destinations. The potholes which lie at the confluence of the Treur and Blyde rivers, were formed millions of years ago by the swirling of sand and pebbles, which resulted in the carving of the potholes into the underlying riverbed.

The site is managed by the Mpumalanga Parks Board and a nominal entrance fee applies. A 700 m long circular path, with a number of pedestrian bridges over the river direct visitors towards the best vantage points.
The Potholes are really impressive and you can spend hours walking around and admiring the intricate and beautifull rock formations. The paths and lookout points are well looked after and very clean. The toilets were clean and well stocked with toiletpaper. (always important) Just like all the other tourist sites in the area the parking lot is dotted with stalls selling locan handicrafts.

Bourke's Luck should definatelly be a must see on every tourist itenerary. :)

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